Well, I believe that I have already mentioned that my first theatrical role, is that of the Earl of Richmond in Shakespeare’s classic Richard III. This was in Baltimore, at the Charles Street Theatre. As much as I wish I could say that I surpassed all expectations in the performance, it was not what I had hoped. You see in my over-confidence and my inexperience I may or may not have missed a few of my lines. Now as you can assume to a young actor early on in hid career, this was a very discouraging thing to have happened to me. Now I know that we were all quite young and had large shoes to fill in the theatre, but for me I felt like I had disappointed my family, and really wanted to make it up to them.

Despite my bluff I was still able to get jobs acting at other theatres around the Baltimore area. I guess once you’re up on stage you’re known to everyone. Trying not to make the same mistake again I just took smaller jobs, and worked my way up the latter gaining more and more acting experience. Before long the audience loved me. Well how could they not? I am devilishly handsome, and very talented, if I do say so myself. From then on in I could perform very much wherever I wanted to. However I believe one of the highlights was that I got to play in Richard III again, but this time as The Duke of Gloster. I have even saved the playbill if you wish to look at it.Image